Suppressing a sneeze is bad for you…….

July 12, 2017 by Raji Parangad

Sneeze.. medically known as the “closed-airway sneeze,” it may be socially preferable, but health wise may be harmful if not dangerous. Sneeze causes tremendous air pressure build up in lung which ideally should be released out the mouth… but if internalised to prevent release out the mouth, can cause immense pressure to buildup internally which may cause significant damage ranging from minor to severe even requiring hospitalisation ! Although most of the time, no adverse health consequences occur, here are some of the reported damage that has happened by stifling a sneeze:

• Tympanic membrane ( ear drum) rupture
• Breaking the cartilage around the larynx (voicebox)
• Cervical pain
• Facial fracture
• Rupturing the eardrum
• Rib fractures
• Hernia
• Eye damage
• Vision damage
• Spinal injury
• Arterial rupture
• Hematoma formation in the neck and other locations

A matter not to be sneezed at

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