Effects of untreated hearing on partners and significant others…putting up with that blaring television ,consistently have to repeat themselves or raise their voice to be heard and surprising study findings that partners also become socially isolated along with the individual with a hearing loss. Having to attend social events alone as their deaf spouse withdraws over fears they will be unable to hear and the impact could be deep. While those with hearing loss suffer (needless) embarrassment, worry and fear of rejection. It was clear from recent studies that both hearing impaired individual and their partners experience frustration, anger and upset. The Partners of people with hearing loss said that acting as an interpreter, handling every telephone call, raising their voice, repeating words and avoiding misunderstandings is exhausting.

Hearing loss is generally completely treatable, modern hearing aids are pretty  exceptional. They are easy to use, easy to wear and they pretty much do what they are supposed to. So why would anyone put up with frustration, loss and emotional pain in their life? It is more embarrassing  to stumble through life trying to bluff something while everyone knows you have a problem?

Why would you inflict frustration, loss and sadness on a loved one?  why? You are trouble hearing… do something about it….


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