Effects of untreated hearing loss on partner and family

February 16, 2018 by Raji Parangad

‘I can look directly at someone, nod when they are talking, may be even throw in a ‘yeah’ and still not hear a  single word they said…….

Does that sound familiar…That blaring loud TV, constantly having to repeat or raise voice to be heard, not wanting to be in social scenario for the fear of obvious. … Well when you are going through this you are not alone. Your partner or significant other is going through this with you . Untreated hearing loss isolates you are partners and significant others. The impact could be deep. You both experience frustration, anger and upset. Partners of individual with untreated hearing loss often complain that acting as an interpreter, handling every telephone call, constant repeating and avoiding misunderstanding is exhausting to say the least.

As someone wise said ‘ Today will never come again. Be a friend. Encourage someone. Take time to care.Let your words heal and not wound’.

With modern hearing aids one can easily rectify this situation. Easy to use and wear. Why stumble through life trying to bluff something while every one knows you have  a problem.


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