How well do you know about your hearing system and ears

February 16, 2018 by Raji

Better treatment outcome can be expected if you have  a better knowledge regarding your hearing system. This will help you not only to understand the pathology behind the hearing loss or tinnitus but also make an informed choice. This is why at ‘My Audiologist’ we take the time to discuss the result with you in simple English. Lets us take take a  quiz and see how much do we actually know about the hearing system :

  1. Injuries to the pinna/outer ear has no impact on hearing . Answer is it has. The outer ear acts as a  funnel which channels the sounds into the ear. So a  damage here could have an effect on your hearing.
  2. Types of hearing loss: conductive, sensory neural or mixed.
  3. Only seniors suffer from hearing loss- NOT true. Noise,genetics, some medications, injuries can cause hearing loss to name a  few and no it doesn’t discriminate based on age, race or colour.
  4. Can you diagnose hearing loss based on an online free hearing test. Answer is NO. A hearing health care professional – Audiologist can.
  5. What is the most common cause of hearing loss- Noise. Hence ear protection is a  must.

The way you test your eyes to keep it in good condition. Test your hearing too. Call ‘My Audiologist” on 07 34465845 to arrange an appointment. This is a  local, independent complete hearing care clinic located in Brisbane Bay side suburb of Wellington Point. After hour appointment and week end appointments available.

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