Tips for driving a car with untreated hearing loss

February 17, 2018 by Raji Parangad

Anyone getting into the drivers seat in a  car has a tremendous responsibility. Responsible for ones own as well as the passengers and the pedestrians .Most us believe that as long as we can see the road, we are safe drivers. Well, that is not true. Your hearing plays a  crucial role. We hear potential danger before seeing it. So yes, untreated hearing loss and driving may not be a  good combination.

Hearing aids can help tremendously not only to improve your quality of life but also be a  better and safer driver. You will now hear the ambulance siren, or the car reversing sensor while reversing out of the parking lot.

Keep conversations quite and to a minimum while driving. Make that phone call when driving rather than straining to hear the speaker louder . In short keep distractions to a minimum.

Turn down that music in the car and possibly windows rolled up. Be visually more alert. Because if your hearing is not that great visual cues are even more important. Untreated hearing loss makes it difficult to gauge the relative distance of moving vehicle, so using your eyes carefully becomes even more important. Investing in a   larger rear view mirror may be beneficial too.

Modern hearing aids can reduce background noise, are discreet and easy to use.


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