Made for iPhone and Bluetooth Hearing aids. What does that mean

June 12, 2018 by Raji

Imagine a scenario. You are out shopping on a Friday evening. School holidays and the noise in the mall is crazy. Because of the hearing loss phone ring is heard after a  long gap . You suddenly realise that the phone is ringing. Before you answer the call the anticipation that I am not going to hear the conversation with all the noise around is making you anxious , heart beat increases, sweaty palms etc. You swipe the screen to take the call  and this is your boss talking to you about the upcoming  meeting. All the noise around and the anxiety  of missing speech you are responding hoping you are answering the right thing socially. You hang up the phone and still wondering if I got this right.


Imaging the same scenario. The difference now is you have hearing aids that can now transmit the sound directly from the phone into the aids amplified for the loss you have. Not only are you hearing every word of the conversation with a simple push button press you can completely drown out the background noise. Now which is the scenario you would prefer. Now the possibilities are not limited to   answering calls. You can stream music, use your phone to check level of battery in the device etc. Anxiety free, stress free , clear sounding that is the new generation hearing aids for you..


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