Custom Ear Plugs And Monitors

It is important to protect your hearing from high noise levels, especially if your work or recreational activities involve high levels of noise like shooting, motorbiking, musician etc. On the other hand, you also want to make sure that the quality of your experience is not compromised. 

At My Audiologist, we can provide with the right ear protection that you need so that you can enjoy what you like doing without worrying about any potential hearing hazards. 

  • Noise suppression: Whether you are exposed to noise because of your work or recreational activities, protecting your ears from high levels of noise by preserving the sound quality and comfort is a challenge. However, with recent advancements in technology, custom made digital products with high-definition sound enhancement and automatic noise suppression are now available. 
  • Musicians: When it comes to your music, one size does not fit all. As a musician, you deserve the best tools to enhance the listening experience: 

The custom stage monitors offer superior sound isolation giving you rich tones for total control of your stage mix. The custom audio monitors are ideal for your smart phones, gaming device or computers. It blocks out unwanted noise while delivering the ultimate comfort and superior sound clarity. 

  • Swimmers: Ideal for anyone with ear infections, ear drum perforation, grommets, swimmers ear or ear infections and blocks water from entering the ear They are custom molded for comfortable fit and tight seal, and are available in a wide range of colours.