DVA Hearing and Tinnitus Assessment

According to Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA), Hearing loss and Tinnitus are two of the most common conditions experienced by Former Australian Defence Force Members. DVA funds services and hearing devices for Gold card and white card holders with accepted conditions of hearing loss and/or tinnitus.  Funding for support, equipment and treatment for tinnitus is also included. DVA also covers the cost of Assistive listening devices that are designed to enhance listening in specific situations such as using telephone, watching television or in social situations.  

So, if you are a veteran with symptoms of hearing loss and /or tinnitus, come and see us. Our Audiologists are highly experienced in DVA specific testing and can help you access the DVA funding program for your hearing needs.

Talk to us @ 0406858987 to know how we can assist you in accessing the DVA support for your hearing care.