Hearing test and hearing aids family’s perspective

Hearing test and hearing aids family’s perspective

November 1, 2022 by myaud0

Life in the Village

My parents made the decision to move to a retirement village some time ago.
They moved into independent living and as their circumstances changed, they progressed into

nursing care, although still in the same facility.
They are well cared for and face life’s difficulties as they arise.

The village has been wonderful and very good at supporting and reporting difficulties or problems so

that we can address them sooner rather than later.

They navigated through covid, rsv and flu season and our next step was eyesight and hearing…

New glasses make a difference of course even when the interest in reading has gone.
It still helps to see what is on your dinner plate and although I didn’t meet the Optometrist Dad is

very pleased with his new spectacles.

Hearing, communicating, participating in activities, taking interest in our surroundings and keeping

up a level of stimulation …. Oh, what a difference hearing makes.

We had the pleasure of meeting Raji from My Audiologist who, due to Dad’s poor mobility came to
the village to conduct Dad’s hearing test. I had only seen the shopping Centre quick tests done and
was surprised to see how thorough and involved the testing was even before we spoke about
hearing aids. Raji made sure there were no medical issues that needed to be addressed and took us
step by step through the processes including the government program to assist in the financial part

of things.

We are looking forward to the next step … Hearing better !

Daughter Kathleen B

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