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Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids will require special attention and care so that they can work properly. If you have any problem with your hearing aid, it is quite difficult to manage and should be sent for repair. So it is very important to take proper care of the device prior to the occurrence of damage.

First you need to pay attention to your audiologist while he is demonstrating the ways to take care of your hearing aid. Learn the things about how to examine the hearing aid and identify issues and ask how you could get a listening tube, battery tester, drying container and forced air bowler. You can get more information from our experts at MY AUDIOLOGY Clinic.

In this article we are listing a few tips to take care of your hearing aids.

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Methods to Take Care of Your Hearing Aids

Do you know that debris and moisture can cause your hearing aids to malfunction? So caring for your hearing aid is very important. Follow the below steps that will keep you connected to your world by ensuring optimal performance of hearing aid. 

Perform Regular Hearing Checks to your hearing aids:

One needs to perform regular hearing checks if they are using hearing aids constantly. Ensure the functioning of the listening device properly and check for the sound level. If you find it scratchy or weak, then something is malfunctioning and needs to be rectified. Your audiologist will be teaching you the ways of effective listening to internal intermittency. Follow the steps and guidelines from them.

Examine the Batteries of Your Hearing Aids:

Batteries are generally known to last for about a week or couple of weeks. You must use a battery tester for ensuring that they are functioning properly or not. It is better to replenish your stock of spare batteries before the original one drains. Store the batteries in a shady, dry and cool environment to avoid damage. So remember to examine the batteries frequently. 

Clean Your Device Regularly:

You need to cultivate the habit of cleaning your hearing aid with a soft, clean and dry cloth. Remove the grime and dirt carefully from the aid. You can remove the ear moulds from your hearing device and clean thoroughly with a mild high quality soapy solution. After that you need to dry up the ear moulds with an efficient forced air bowler. Make sure that they are absolutely dried up before attaching them back into your device.

Avoid Heat and Moisture from the hearing aids:

Remember to avoid any heat and moisture from your hearing aid, even though they are fairly affordable ones. Any exposure to heat and moisture will cause serious damage to your hearing device. However we have the latest model aids that are water resistant but avoid wearing them while swimming or taking showers. It is better to store them in a clean and moisture free environment to protect. It is one of the methods to take care of your hearing aids.

The above listed methods are some of the steps in taking care of your hearing aids. But the best way of taking care of your hearing aid is by going to your hearing clinic every four to six months and getting your device cleaned by an expert at your clinic.

If you have any questions regarding hearing protection tips or any concern about hearing aids contact our hearing protection expert at MY AUDIOLOGY clinic. We will assist you in selecting the best hearing aid based on your condition.

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