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BlueTooth Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids in the older times often limited wearer’s access to many personal audio devices like mobile phones and music players. For example, if you are using a music player while jogging, you need to remove your hearing aids to accommodate earphones. But as per today’s bluetooth technology in aids make it possible to connect with the personal electronics devices and stream the sound to the aids directly., 

Bluetooth Technology in Hearing aids help you stay connected to android and iOS phones, tablets, televisions and other audio devices. 

Hearing aid technology changed in the last ten years dramatically. Hearing aids seem to amplify all sounds in the surroundings. They have gotten smarter, smaller, sleeker and sophisticated. Hearing aids can do more than ever before and are full of programs & settings to make life easier for anyone with the problem of hearing loss.

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Advantages of Using Bluetooth Technology in Hearing Aids

If you direct steam to your iPhone or you can use an additional device to access your music player or phone, a streamer provides many opportunities that were not available previously. 

Personalized Listening Experience: 

One of the advantages of Bluetooth technology is the personalized listening experience. You can enjoy this benefit from Bluetooth Hearing aids. They can give you a hands-free experience in your hearing. The bluetooth hearing aids are designed to match your unique hearing needs. If you want personalized experience in listening such as louder volume in one ear and amplified high sounds in the other or you want to stream music to your ears, choose the bluetooth technology in hearing aids. Examples of such aids are the hearing aids programmed for music listening. 

Remote Control of your Hearing Aids:

You can control hearing aids with connectivity features. If you are using an app on your smartphone, and want to switch between programs, you can change the settings and adjust the volume from the palm of your hand. This is especially useful if your hearing aids are very small to accommodate external controls. It will allow for more discrete changes and no one around you will notice that you are adjusting your devices. So remote control of your aid is one of the advantages of using bluetooth technology. 

Improved Sound Quality:

You will definitely experience a better sound quality when you use Bluetooth enabled hearing aids. Since you are able to stream audio right to your ears, you won’t hear any whistling. So you can focus on what you are trying to hear. The bluetooth signals are very stable so it uses several channels to avoid interference.

You Can Hear with Both Ears:

One of the added advantages of Bluetooth technology is binaural hearing. With the use of bluetooth technology in hearing aids, your two aids can communicate. You can hear a sound on one side but the program will send the sound to the other ear, so you can hear clearly with both ears. You can also enjoy higher quality speech and improvised sounds. It also allows you to hear phone conversations in both ears. No need to worry about straining to hear the person on the other end. 

These are the main benefits of using bluetooth technology in Hearing aids. 

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