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What is Deafness?

Hearing Loss refers to the total or partial inability to hear sounds. Hearing loss is reduced ability to hear sounds in the same way as other people. Where are Deafness occurs is when a person cannot understand speech through hearing, even when sound is amplified. 

Hearing loss is a common health problem which continues to affect millions of people in Australia. Many people are even not aware of the condition which makes it prevalent. Even if they are aware, some are still not considering it as a serious illness. But if you leave it untreated for several months, it will worsen with age. So it is very important that you need to consult an audiologist near your place if you face any problem with your hearing. 

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As one of our most important senses, the ability to hear enables us to comprehend, communicate, and connect to the world.  

Loss of hearing or hearing loss occurs when you experience difficulty in hearing and understanding sounds around you. Hearing loss can have a significant impact on the social, emotional, and cognitive aspects of your life. It is a common problem that can be experienced by anyone. 

The earlier the hearing difficulty is identified, the sooner it can be managed and lesser is the impact. 

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What Are the Four Levels of Deafness?

It is very important to know the levels of hearing loss to understand its severity, so that you can consult the best audiologist to treat the problem as early as possible. 

We are listing four levels of hearing impairment in this article. Please go through this and take the right step. 

Deafness can range from mild to profound and it has many different causes including disease, injury, genetic defects and aging related problems. 

Our mission at MY AUDIOLOGY Clinic is to reduce the impact of hearing impairment through a coordinated and collaborative approach so that you can live a fulfilling life without giving up your favorite hobbies and social activities. 

The four common levels of hearing loss are, 

    • Mild Deafness or hearing loss or mild hearing impairment
    • Moderate Deafness or hearing loss or moderate hearing impairment
    • Severe Deafness or hearing loss or Severe Hearing impairment
    • Profound Deafness or hearing loss or Profound Hearing impairment

We are elaborating these four levels of hearing loss here under. Please read the article carefully. 

Mild Deafness or hearing loss or mild hearing impairment

Mild deafness is an initial level of hearing impairment. So it is most difficult to notice at the starting stage. Some examples are, you may not hear the sounds like ticking of clock, dropping of water etc. The people with mild deafness also experience difficulty in understanding words when someone is whispering or even talking in a noisy environment, The person affected by mild hearing loss can detect sounds between 25 to 40 decibels DB. This type of hearing loss can be rectified easily using a hearing aid. Hearing aid will amplify the low sound and make it easy to hear. 

Moderate Deafness or hearing loss or moderate hearing impairment

In Moderate deafness level, the quietest sounds that can hear are from 40 to 75 decibels. People with moderate hearing loss may have difficulty in understanding normal speech. You will start seeing major impact of hearing loss at this level as you can not defect sounds like doorbell and phone ring too. Also it can be difficult for them to follow sounds during normal conversation. Luckly we have treatment at tghis level too and it can be rectified using a hearing aid. 

Severe Deafness or hearing loss or Severe Hearing impairment

Severe deafness is the condition in which people can hear anything from 75 to 90 dB range only. This meand you can find difficult to hear everyday sounds in daily life such as TV, ronging of telephone etc. Following up in a conversation with anyone will be difficult for them and impossible too at this level of hearing loss. It can be rectified only by undegoing middle ear implants or cochlear implants by a surgery. 

Profound Deafness or hearing loss or Profound Hearing impairment

Profound deafness or hearing loss is the most dangerous and significant level of hearing loss. In this level, one cannot hear sounds below 90 to 120 dB. Means it is very hard to hear loud sounds like fire alarms too. Even lip reading or visual clues are also not effective in this level of hearing loss. SO the solution is getting implants that can help with rehabilitation after the surgery by an audiologist. 

Today one in six Australians have some degree of hearing loss, which is expected to rise to one in four Australians by 2050. Protecting your hearing is a sound investment, Call Us now on 0424 729 730.