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Hearing Protection

Once you lose your hearing, it’s gone for good. So we raise awareness about the prevalence of hearing loss as the prevention is better than cure. One needs to perform early diagnosis and opt for the best hearing solution for their need before the occurrence of a problem. Don’t wait until it becomes worse. 

Excessive exposure to noise causes irreparable damage to your hearing. Often the damage gets gradually worse with each repeat exposure, but some very high level sounds, such as those from gunfire and explosions, can cause immediate damage.

NIHL i.e, Noise Induced Hearing Loss is the only preventable cause of deafness. Better to avoid the exposure of  loud sounds, since it will damage your ears as well as brain functioning too. NIHL is a situation where you lose your hearing from exposure to loud voices too. In this situation your hearing will not recover. So it is better to take action before damage. 

For this, we are proving ten best tips in this article and start protecting your hearing now by following these. 

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Hearing Protection Tips

Listing the most important hearing protection tips for you. Read the below carefully to protect your ears. 

    1. You must use Earplugs around loud noises. Foam ear plugs are the economical solution or better to purchase custom earplugs to reduce the sound levels.
    2. Better to avoid hearing in loud volumes and turn the volume down of your TV, music, radio etc. Don’t forget that any loud sound played through headphones presents a risk of noise-induced hearing loss. 
    3. Try to avoid noisy activities and places if possible. 
    4. Limit your time exposed to loud sounds and whenever you are exposed to loud noise, provide your ears time to recover.
    5. When you are listening to music or concerts or fitness classes etc, take breaks from the noise. So that your ear may heal itself and come back to normal. 
    6. Better to move away from loudest noises in your surroundings. Example speakers, crackers, fireworks etc.
    7. Stop using cotton buds or swabs in your ears. Because inserting anything inside your ear canals will damage sensitive organs like your eardrum. SO it is better to avoid cotton buds. 
    8. You need to take medications only as directed by your physician or audiologist.
    9. Better to do exercise and keep moving. It keeps the blood pumping throughout the body and inside ears too. It will keep the internal parts of the ear healthy. 
    10. Get regular checkups. If you experience any change in your hearing, get your hearing tested immediately without any negligence. 

If you follow the above mentioned hearing protection tips carefully, you can easily protect your ears for a longer time. 

Hearing protection is used to reduce  or attenuate the  sound reaching the wearer’s ear, and so reduce the risk of hearing damage from excessive noise. 

The effectiveness of hearing protection is often limited by personal and workplace factors, and it can reduce the audibility of warning sounds. 

For these reasons hearing protection must be selected and used with care and is not to be used as an alternative to reducing the noise in the workplace.

If you have any questions regarding hearing protection tips or any concern about hearing loss contact our hearing protection expert at MY AUDIOLOGY clinic. We will assist you in selection of the best hearing aid based on your condition. 

As one of our most important senses, the ability to hear enables us to comprehend, communicate, and connect to the world. Recover the joy of hearing with MY AUDIOLOGY Clinic. 

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